With over 16+ years of experience, our highly trained and experienced therapist/nail technician will strive to deliver the best treatment whilst always prioritising the health of your natural nail.                                                                                                                                                          


‘The First Lady of Nails’! She invented the manicure! She has formulated this advanced system to give you a longer lasting Gel manicure and pedicure available today.

Professionally applied – High Gloss

Lasts upto 3 weeks – Dry in seconds

Protects the natural nail to encourage growth – No Damage – No Smudging!

Range of Colours to choose from!


Jessica GELeration


GEL File & Polish £23.00           
GEL Refresh/Infill £23.00              
GEL Remove & Reapply *£27.00              
GEL Remove & Buff *£9.00                                 
GEL over Acrylic *£8.00                   
GEL Manicure *£28.00 
GEL Repair per nail *£4.00  
GEL Deluxe Manicure(using serums & heated mitts) *£38.00
GEL Nail Art *From £1.00
Jessica File & Polish £16.00 
Jessica Manicure £24.00   
Jessica French Manicure £25.00
Jessica Deluxe Manicure(using serums & heated mitts) £35.00



GEL File & Polish (excl.cutting) £23.00
GEL Refresh/Infill £23.00
GEL Remove&Reapply *£27.00
GEL Remove&Buff *£9.00
GEL Pedicure (using Zenspa) *£34.00
GEL Deluxe Pedicure(using Heated Boots) *£45.00
GEL Repair per nail *£4.00
Jessica File & Polish(excl.cutting) £16.00
Jessica ZenSpa Pedicure £30.00
Jessica Deluxe ZenSpaPedicure(using heated Boots) £40.00



With experience of 16+ years each our Nail Technician has received the most advanced training in the industry using only the most superior products.  Our aim is to provide you with a natural set of enhancements whilst always prioritising the health of your natural nail.

Full Set Sculptured or Tip&Overlay *£30.00
Full Set Overlays (over natural extension) *£25.00
Infills/Rebalance £20.00
One Nail £4.00
Remove & Manicure £20.00
Remove & Buff £12.00
Remove & Full Set Applied(sculpted) *£40.00
GEL over Acrylic *£8.00


*Already Discounted. No Further Discounts Apply.