Brow Fusion


Over the past few years eyebrows have become big business. As many celebrities demonstrate, a good set of brows can transform the face by visually lifting, opening up and accentuating the eyes. Until now there have been two main problems maintaining the perfect brow, the daily need to apply and reapply brow powder or pencil to achieve the desired depth of colour and what to do with brows that are over plucked, sparse with gaps or missing brow hairs.  The quest to overcome these two problems led to the development of Brow Fusion.

BROW FUSION is a new, revolutionary, professional system that takes several treatment elements and fuses them together in a three part technique.

*  Achieving the perfect customised brow design for the client by using traditional techniques such as waxing, plucking and threading.

*  The application of a new innovative Styling Gel which is custom coloured to suit your client, and importantly, is safe for use on both skin and hair, to create the illusion of naturally defined brows with a depth of colour and volume that lasts 2-3 weeks.

*  The application of natural looking hairs to disguise and diminish gaps or sparse areas.

Application  –  Includes wax/tint/shape

30 minutes                                                         *£25.00
45 minutes                                                         *£30.00
60 minutes *£35.00
75 minutes *£40.00
90 minutes *£55.00
120 minutes *£65.00


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